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I know I never blog here anymore, but I just wanted to write this down.

Today, I had the best tour of my life, not because of how I gave it, persay, but because I had the best rapport with my group that I’ve ever had. It was a huge group, that included a whole band of Asians from Vancouver. There were a whole bunch of asian boys that crowded up to the front the entire time. The tour group asked great questions, laughed at my lame jokes, and made me feel so appreciated. At the end of my tour, one lady from the asian tour group came up to me and gave me two beaded necklaces, “one for you and one for your boyfriend” and then asked if I could take a picture with the entire asian tour group. They were sooo sweet, telling me that they were so proud of me, and all asked for my email. They even gave me their business cards! Another guy asked me how long I’d been giving tours, and I responded a year, and he said “you really know your stuff, good job.” Another girl, who was originally from Kenya, asked me some really great questions, and then her and her (very sweet) family gave me great recommendations for what I should do when I go to Uganda this summer. 

All the students I talked to during the tour said that they all really wanted to go to Princeton, and I was so glad that I could be a small part of what they took away from the University. I remember, during my tour here, I had a really beautiful and eloquent tour guide named Taylor, whom I took a picture with, and also exchanged emails. She was a huge part of why I loved the university so much, and was one of the biggest reasons why I tried out to be a tour guide. 

I left that tour feeling so touched, and so happy that I connected with these really great people. For all the times I hate how hard it is here, or whatever, shit like this really reminds me of why I love Princeton.

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I’m taking a Creative Writing class this semester, and getting back into that writing grind really reminds me of how much I’ve missed it. My teacher is Chang-Rae Lee, for anyone that knows him (wiki him!! He’s amazing <3), and our class is a little, cute one of 10 people, all of whom are really nice and constructive.

I submitted a short story this past weekend for a workshop critique today, and everything my peers said were very fair, and all their comments made a lot of sense, and it was all very helpful. At the end, Chang-rae said that my story had a “nice, natural progression,” was “well-written,” and has “great potential to be a compelling story”!! And he really doesn’t say things he doesn’t mean, or at least that’s what I’ve gathered from what he’s said about others’ work.

It just means so much to me that he said that about my writing, considering he’s a very successful writer, and I admire him so much. And especially because creative writing is and has always been something so near and dear to me. It’s highly personal, and even sharing with your closest friends can be so so intimidating. You put yourself in your writing, you know?

Fan-girling a bit, honestly. Chang-rae’s the best.

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How men and woman react to a surprise squirrel on the road.

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